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There is always a reason...

Posted by bwanasrhodesianridgebacks on May 23, 2011 at 8:57 PM

My mother taught me all of my life that there is a reason for everything.  All of the planing and expense hoping for a Spring / Summer litter were for naught. The girls did not take.  We had family move back in with us doubling the size of our household once more to 10 people from 5 years to 70.  Making space when there is not any takes imagination and talent . Adjusting schedules and plans takes patience and prayer.  Yet we must believe there is a reason.  So once more we wait and plan. This time for a Fall/ Winter  litter . The girls will come back into season around Halloween. This makes for a nearly  Christmas litter and Babies going home  around the 18th of February.  Lucky new homes will have their puppies nearly housebroken making one of the toughest parts of a Winter litter easier. 

Coastal Alabama is blessed with mild winters. I can't imagine having puppies in several feet of snow! I know several breeders who won't even try to teach the pups to go outside because they find it far too challenging to begin the training in adverse conditions.

We are having Zion tested  a few times as we look forward to October to make sure his Puppy Making Magic is on track and returning to normal.  Should it not reach a minimal level that the Repro Vet and I agree on , then we will fall back to our Default Stud Regal  of Southridge.  I will drive the girls to Tennessee and we will if need be go with an implanted litter. It is a brief surgical procedure  that almost gaurantees puppies.  We don't care to use it often but I really do not want to chance not having an optimal breeding with so many  dedicated Bwana Fans out there waiting.

There are folks who clench their fists and scream at the fates when things don't go their way But we prefer to believe there is a reason.  Having puppies in the house while family moved in could have drastically stressed the mom. Having folks track  the great outdoors inside the house could compromise young immune systems. So all in all the breedings failing to take really turned out to be a blessing.

By the Fall life will have settled into a routine that will allow for  happy mom(s)  and healthy babies. That will be worth any amount of waiting .  We have been touched by the emails notifying us that people are content to wait for the Bwana Adventure after speaking to other breeders.  So we pray we can make them happy fur ever families very soon!

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